Small Solar Generator

14 tools

Built this for ham radio use for emergency work with community organizations. Temperature gauge on switch Voltage meter on switch RigRunner Solar Panel Cable Entry External Battery Posts 100W Solar folding Panel in suitcase 30 amp MPPT Solar Controller 2-18 ah batteries in parallel 300W inverter with 2-AC plugs and 2- USB ports 2-fans on switch Everything connected to Rigrunner except Solar Controller, Posts and Parallel Cables.


Screws Drill Heat gun Connectors Jigsaw Cables Anderson power pole crimper Mc4 crimper Wire stripper 12 to 4 awg Cable cutter Rigid rolling toolbox Demel tool Jobmax Bolts

Step 1

Inside. Internal wiring.

Step 2

Solar cable entry on left. Temperature gauge and voltage meter with switches. Anderson Power Pole connection for ham radio.

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