Snoopy Christmas

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Theme this year for the local Christmas parade is movie memories. I'm maybe stretching "movie" a bit, but decided to use Snoopy and his doghouse from "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Constructed from 1/2 " (Snoopy) and 1/4" (doghouse sides and roof) MDF. Framework is 2 x 3 pine stud lumber.


Paint Wood screws Quarter inch mdf Half inch mdf 2 x 3 inch pine stud lumber Christmas lights

Step 1

This was my template for the Snoopy figure. Blew up a line drawing and pieced intogether.

Step 2

The rough cutout primed.

Step 3

The finished figure with arm/paw attached. Ears not shown.

Step 4

Doghouse base.

Step 5

Almost finished. Ears and arm/paw not attached.

Step 6

About 95% complete. Installed it temporarily on the wrecker to test for fit and lighting. Only needs minor touches when i install for Christmas parade next weekend.

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