Spare Bath Remodel

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by: suziq31 on 02/10/2010 Views 55850



Tools & Materials

  • Paint
  • New chair height toilet
  • Cottage style white vanity
  • Countertop and sink
  • Porcelain tile flooring
  • Ditra Mat for tiling
  • Shower/Bath fixtures
  • MiscPlumbing
  • Moulding
  • Curved shower curtain rod
  • Mirror


The primary user of this bath is my toddler who doesn't mind how uninspiring it looks or that the toilet is just the right size for her, but not us. The goal of this project is to give this bathroom some new life and hopefully give our house a little equity boost in the process. Just about everything in the house is standard builder grade stuff. The vanity and mirror are much too large for the area and while the vanity is well made, it looks like every vanity and cabinet not just in our house, but in the neighborhood. The toilet area is cramped, the window is leaking and the shower is ugly off white. Then there is the falling popcorn ceiling.... The plan is to remove the vanity, mirror and toilet from this 6' x 9' area, as well as pulling up both layers of laminate flooring to make way for 12" porcelain tile floor. A new, water efficient, chair height toilet will be installed. The vanity will be a white cottage style vanity with a beige tone countertop and white undermount sink. The popcorn ceiling will be removed and a smooth ceiling will be used. The light fixture will be replaced with a light/bath fan combo and a new light will installed over the vanity area. The window will also be repaired to eliminate leakage. As much as I dislike the tub, it will stay for the time being. Aside from being unlevel, it is in ok shape and I can't justify ripping it out just because I don't like the color 100%. This is the biggest project I've tackled to date and I hope to put to use a lot of what I've learned so far as well as learning new things along the way. In the end, I hope I'm happy with it as well as my family.

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