Spare Bath Remodel

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Let me begin by saying we are still in the process of remodeling the bathroom so we do not have a completed look yet. Because our bathroom is so tiny, space was very limited. We had a space saver over the toilet, but it took up much needed space and made the room look smaller. We opted for going with floating shelves above the toilet, using a chrome toilet paper stand/holder, recessed shelving instead of a medicine cabinet, double shower curtain rod and eliminated all shower and towel rods in the restroom. The double rod acted as a towel holder and shower curtain holder without taking up needed wall space. We are on a very limited budget. We kept the tub, toilet (water saver type), and light fixture. We purchased a new white vanity for cheap on CL. We then decided to take out the medicine cabinet and replace it with recessed shelving (we already had wood in our garage), but purchased floor base moulding to make the "frame" surrounding the shelves. We purchased a white framed mirror from Lowes w/military discount (Yay!). We decided to go with a vessel sink so that is what cost us the most. The vanity top, vessel sink and faucet cost the most. We went with a green, white, and grey color scheme....hubby liked candy apple green by Valspar. I was very unsure about the color as it was bright for such a small room, but it is growing on me. So, as typical, we took every thing out that we were replacing along with removing the toilet tank so we could paint behind (oh wait, so I could paint behind. Hubby had to work and go to school so this was a project I had to do by myself). Once that was done, the painting commenced. Once dry, I began by installing the recessed shelving. It was easier then I thought. The hardest part was the 45 degree angles on the frame pieces so they'd match up once put together. We already had wood in our garage just sitting there collecting dust so I put it to good use. I created a "box" out of the wood and drilled holes where the shelves would rest. I opted to drill two solid wood pieces to either stud, flush with the bottom of the opening so the "box" would rest on top of them for more support. Once done, I inserted it into the old med cabinet hole and anchored it to the two studs. From there I painted it the same color as the walls and the frame and shelves white to match the base moulding, vanity, tub/toilet. I then installed the vanity (no top or sink yet...being delivered as I write), and the mirror. Now I am just waiting to install the final pieces and accessorize with touches of grey, brown, white and green. Surprisingly they actually complement each other.


Paint Drill Wood filler Wood Caulk Mirror Vessel Sink Vanity Marble top Vanity base Wood glue Reciprocating Saw Floating shelves Old or Used Picture frames Box cutter Table Saw

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Removed old vanity

Step 4

Recessed Shelving in place of old mirrored medicine cabinet

Step 5

New Shower Rod and Towel Bar all in one

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