Stair upgrade

15 tools

My home was built in late 80's. still had original carpet. Pulled up carpet and put in HW floors and wanted the entrance to pop. So I did this....first impressions. I figured, hey...I was pretty good at geometry..I can use a saw...Considering the state of craftsmanship when I started, I feel like I did well.


Stain Polyurethane Grout Drill Mortar Patience Sealer Tape measure 42 inch hw step treads Wrought iron ballasters Newels Radial arm saw Protractor Handrails Tile of choice

Step 1

Initial..After Carpet was removed

Step 2

Beginning work...

Step 3

Found I was missing center Stringers...had to add.. So much for building inspectors.

Step 4

View from foyer upstairs

Step 5

Top looking down. I decided to tile foyer, thinking tile would hold up better to wear,fading, water, snow, etc.

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