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My wife took an old apple cider barrel, bought 2 18 inch table tops, stain and brushes, wheels and screws. Topped off with foam for the top. Just the right height for the stool. You can also use it for coffee table. Had a good time working together to finish her stool, which she is using right now.


Stain Brushes Screw 2 18 inch table top Wheels Cider barrel

Step 1

Cider Barrel 14inches high x 16 1/2inches wide.

Step 2

2-18 inch table top. Top and Bottom.

Step 3

Staining both top and bottom.

Step 4

Step 5

Add wheel and screws she bought at local hardware store. Attached the wheels so they didn't hang over the sides of the table top.

Step 6

Added 3 round pegs to hold in place. Also, the same for the top.

Step 7

This is the top and bottom together for the stool. Or you could use for a coffee table

Step 8

finished item. It took a few days because to let the stain dry.

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