Stripping Red Oak Table

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Table and chairs inherited from parents. Reputed to have been made during Civil War era. Stripped poly and stain down to red oak (I think). Want to reveal the natural wood. It was near impossible to get the poly off. But finally did and sanded down to original light color. very pleased with the table top. Working on skirt and edges now. One broken leg so will ahve to order one to match. Unsure how the skirt and legs will end up. May use light top and let the color gradually grow darker from skirt to legs. Will see how it looks. Inspiration was to use the rectangle table and wanted lighter color to blend with white brocade parsons chairs.


Stripping lacq thin sander

Step 1

Underneath table top shows red oak and intereting corners where legs go.

Step 2

Table top

Step 3

Tabletop stripped of poly and stain. I believe it is red oak.

Step 4

Underneath-Does the way the legs attach give an age indication? I was told table was made during Civil War era.

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