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Anticipating the fall invasion of stink bugs, I thought I would try to give them a warmer reception this year. I have tried traps and store bought zappers with modest success. I could have built a 100 traps but they aren't as satisfying as listening to the bugs being fried. So I built this giant bug zapper. It uses a 6000 volt igniter transformer from some kind of furnace. The frame is 2'x4' so that it will fit on the front of a four bulb shop light. The grids are 1/2" hardware cloth. I used tie wraps to keep the gap between the grids as constant as I could. About 1/2" seems to work. Any closer and I ran the risk of spontaneous ignition. I needed to install the shop light in my work shop so I will have to go get another one. The zapper is sitting in front of a regular table lamp right now just inside my front door. Every few minutes I hear a crack and sizzle as another one bites the dust and I can't help but smile. Soon as I get a new light installed it is getting mounted beside my back door which seems to be a popular place for my little Chinese friends. People thought I was nuts when I started this project. I probably am but it works and works well.


Half inch hardware cloth Quarter inch staples Two by four lumber Trnsformer

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