Surfboard Outdoor Shower

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Wanted to convert the existing hose bib into an outdoor shower so that family/friends could wash sand off when coming back from the beach. Original hose bib raised approximately 5 ft rise by using section of threaded galvinized pipe secured to the exterior house wall with pipe clamps. An elbow at the top of the 5 ft extension connects to shower fixture. Ball valve replaced stock hosebib to allow easier water control. Since ball valve was pipe thread on the side where it attaches to the galvinized and hose thread on the side where it attaches to the shower fixture, it was necessary to use a "pipe thread to hose thread conversion" fitting to attach the hand-held shower fixture. Teflon tape was used on all connections to insure leak-free operation.


Drill Hose Clamps Teflon tape Tape measure 5 ft threaded galvinized pipe Ball valve Handheld shower head Spare surfboard Pipe wrenches Hole saw Pipe to hose thread conversion

Step 1

original hose bib on side of house

Step 2

determining size of cutout in surfboard (used hole-saw kit from Harbor Freight)

Step 3

"donor" surfboard

Step 4

making the board unsurfable!

Step 5

note how hole is tapered to allow easier fit of plumbing joints behind surfboard

Step 6

pre-assembly of hand-held shower head and ball valve. (ball valve replaced stock hose bib). It was necessary to convert hose thread off of ball valve to pipe thread to fit shower fixture.

Step 7

completed project

Step 8

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