Tetris padio

15 tools

this was the first patio I have ever built. I always wanted to do a patio in this area but figured it would cost more than I was willing to spend. So I decided to experiment with making the bricks myself. to my surprised they turned out great. the biggest expense was time. a bag of concrete made almost thirty bricks for under fifteen bucks. three trailer full of pre mix sand and stone cost ten bucks a load. I poured all the bricks last summer and fall and set them down this spring. Approximately 500 bricks in total.


Concrete Hammer Shovels Lumber Gloves Mixer Wheelbarrell Rake Hose Trailer Sifter Line Levels Tamper Saws

Step 1

Tetris patio

Step 2

hand made Tetris patio blocks

Step 3

Step 4

digging away top soil

Step 5

self made molds for tetris patio blocks

Step 6

backfilling with cleaned sand and stone mix

Step 7

installed posts and finished backfilling

Step 8

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