The Camp


About 2 years ago I decided to build a cottage.I wanted it to be unique and different, but something that would fit into the natural surroundings.I decided to build a timber frame.I had never built anything like this before but always admired large beam work. This being new to me I researched it for a year or so sending emails to whoever would listen and offer advise.Once my research was completed I drew up my own design and plans and put it to work. I then went to my wood lot and cut all the lumber I would need and had it sawed into mostly 8"x8" beams, with some smaller ones for different applications {knee braces3"x6", Rafters 4"x8"etc}.I needed to cut my own lumber and have it custom sawed for the reason you cant really walk into a store and by wood at these sizes, but anything smaller wouldn't have looked right.Once all the lumber was sawed, I loaded up a truck and brought it all back to my garage and worked on the joinery throughout the winter.Once spring had arrived all the beams were completed and I trucked them to my shore lot. With some help from close friends we began to put the structure together. With all the joinery completed this task was basically now the summer me and my buddy worked on it whenever we had a chance having it completely sheathed in by the following winter and as you will notice by the pics we had some snow before we could finish.The project is now on hold until spring of 2009, and we will start off in May with installing the metal roofing. As you can see we are not quite finished but stay tuned for further progress.

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