The Shell Phone


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Have you ever needed an inconspicuous place to store your change, cash, jewelry or anything else. If yes, then the shell phone is the solution. What is a shell phone. The shell phone is an old flip phone that has been converted into a small storage container. One advantage for using the shell phone is in the storage containers appearance, which is guised to be an outdated flip phone. Placing items like cash or jewelry inside the shell phone, the phone can be used to trick thieves into not wanting to steal an unappealing old flip phone. Which is why I decided to create this instructable for the shell phone, which will show you how to take most old flip phones and convert the phone into an inconspicuous storage container.


Hacksaw Clamp An old flip phone Torx t6 screwdriver Small flat head screwdriver Metal file Exacto knife or box cutter Super glue

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