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Well, we lived next to a High Scool for seven years when they decided to expand their parking lot. My wife loved the house, we had the house completely re-wired three years before this, and new plumbing three months before this. I kid you not. Both by liscensed contractors. We found five achres outside of town and thought we would be money ahead to move the house. They do it all the time. We had a house mover move the house and he did a good job "moving the house". They just couldn't set the house right. We were adding on nine hundred sq.ft. and the framers we hired couldn't start until it was level. We finally had to spend an additional six dollars to have someone else fix their mess. The framers were having to squeeze us in because they could not wait on our house. They didn't work as hard on weekends. Durring the framing of the addition, a suprise rain storm soaked the waffer board on the nine hundred sq.ft. add-on, where they were tiing in with the old house and the front of the house where we were doing a porch from end to end all got rain in side. Had to replace the sheetrock on ceilings in the front and the back of the house. My wife and I lived in my bosses . RV for four and a half months. We moved into one room with extention coards running to a poll April of last year. My wife is Trim Carpenter and I'm a Painter. We are both pretty good. Except for the framing, Most of the elect. and plumbing, kithen counter top and carpet, my wife and I did everything else in this house. We sheetrocked, taped and floated with different styles of texture, trimmed, painted, tiled put in wood floors etc. Pictures don't do it justice. We do not make alot of money, so we had to take a loan out for some of this and used all of the money we used selling the school our lot. We clean an office building in the evenings and have done that for nine years. Doesn't pay alot but comes in handy. We are just hard working and would like someone other than family to see our hard work. We don't have a chance to meet people that often. We're always working. We are in our forties and fifties. Not bad.

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