Updates to the kitchen


My wife and I decided it was time to update our kitchen. We closed on the house on 8/30/2013...so it was time. The house was/is like a museum, all the fixtures and cabinets etc are in decent shape, they are just old and dated. I have 2 jobs, we have 3 boys, a dog and a cat...so it doesn't leave a whole lot of 'remodeling time'...now that Sunday basketball is over for the boys, I have a little more time to work on the house.

Step 1

This is what our kitchen looked like before...

Step 2

old style cabinets and hardware

Step 3

the other side after my wife and her mom painted the cabinets, still with the old counter and sink

Step 4

old counter and sink gone

Step 5

new counter placed for fitment

Step 6

sink hole cut, new sink dropped in but not fitted

Step 7

new sink fitted and with faucet installed

Step 8

Step 9

waiting for her to pick a backsplash...that's next...stay tuned!

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