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When we moved in we liked the cabinets and we started thinking about replacing the appliances, counter top, lighting, and floors to give it an upgrade. Our problems began when we thought we could relocate the cook top (now on the peninsula). We soon realized that these cabinets are built in, not sectional, and so there went our plan to change things around. We went to several kitchen companies but no one wanted to touch it, until we came up with the plan to just replace the wall unit and leave the other cabinets alone. So we have designed a wall cabinet that will include the fridge, and a complete range with microwave and venting (which was also missing). Problem: the new cabinet needs more wall space. So we tried to hire someone to expand the wall, close in a double door from 6 feet to 3.5 feet. Another problem, the stain on the new cabinet wouldn't match the weathered stain on the remaining cabinets, so we chose to get a dark brown stain on the new wall unit. I researched several websites that show mixing the cabinet colors. Let's hope it all works together.To insure that, we decided on contrasting counter tops- dark/light cabinets/ dark counter tops. We weren't crazy about the Corian color choices, so we are going with Zodiac- smokey topaz.Flooring- We wanted tile, but had several flooring people telling us we needed to change the sub floor. This might make the new floor too high next to the hardwood in the living room. And, too much money for me. We decided on cork and installing it ourselves.We have help installing the cabinet and counter top, electrician for lighting and switching oven and stove top, contractor for building wall extension.


New wall cabinet New wall Cork floor Under cabinet lights Recessed lights Counter top Appliances.

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