Walk-in Closet Overhaul


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We wanted to use our walk-in closet more efficiently as we lost a closet because there's a kid on the way.So I simply built a cabinet with white melamine, built two doors and used european hinges (hidden and adjustable). Then I reused the rail and raised it at 7 feet (the height of the cabinet) and I installed new rails at a little less than 4 feet.With a bench saw, this project was really easy. I didn't use a melamine blade as they're expensive (around $90 - 1 model available at the store) and I didn't bother much for little chips, as no one's gonna see it. I bought a wood filler pen for $2.00 and that took care of it.Also, good thing to know in the future, the cabinet width is 24", so I bought a 12" board to make two doors, turns out a 12" board is actually 11 3/4" so I had to return the board and buy a 16" board which I had to cut to 12".Also, I thought there was only one size of edge tape so I cut it, much harder than I thought to get a clean cut. When I bought the 16" board, I noticed there's 5/8" tape, much easier to install and better looking.Finally, I bought the only model of screw caps and they wouldn't hold on the screws (even on screws made for melamine...) so I've put some carpenter's glue and it's fine now.


Screws 3 x 24&quotx 8&#0395/8 thick melamine board (one for the back Two sides which were cut at 20"about $12.00 each 1 x 16&quotx 6&#0395/8&quotthick melamine board about $9.00 4 x european hinges (2 for $8.00) 1 x 35 mm bit (for hinges$25 4&quotrail hardware ($22) 6&quotrail no hardware (forgot how much $) Screw caps ($1.50) 2 x Door handles ($5.00)

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