Washstand Rehab

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This is an ancient piece of funrniture that I'm guessing was an old washstand; the kind you'd expect to see with a large porcelain bowl and pitcher on top. It was originally my Great Grandparents and had been in my Mom's garage for over 40 years. Before that my Dad used to have it in his "Ham" shack filled full of all sorts of mid-20th century radio parts, etc. As near as I can guess it is probably Depression era or earlier. It was in pretty bad shape when we pulled it out (I knew where it was buried and had mentioned rehabbing it to my Mom quite a while ago). The finish was so dark you couldn't see the wood grain, but I was fairly confident it was going to be oak when I got it stripped. Original pulls on the drawers were long gone and I have no idea what kind it would have had. The drawer fronts were drilled for dual 3" OC pulls. I opted for some glass ones from HD. Haven't decided yet if i like the pulls or not, but Sis can always replace them later. The entire outside is original pieces, but I had to do some engineering "behind the scenes"; the top drawer got a new bottom piece and the second and third drawers got entirely remade with only the fronts being salvaged. All in all I think it came out very nice and it's going to my younger sister who's turning the big 5-0. Finish is MinWax Red Oak stain under Minwax Polycrylic semi-gloss.


Stain Glue Stripper 1/2&quotaspen plywood 1/4&quotoak plywood Poly

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