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Disclaimer: Gas and electricity are dangerous they can cause death or injury if caution is not observed. All ways turn off the gas and unplug the electricity when working on your stove. Pluming, electrical and fabrication skills are needed to complete this conversion. Every model is different so how I did this may not be how you need to do it.


Wire Sheet metal New parts Fittings

typical modern stove components #1 main gas pipe #4 thermostat #6 top burners #8 Igniter #9 gas safety valve and #10 regulator

This is a diagram of the wiring for my modified wedgewood stove the part numbers are there and it's pretty self explanatory. I replaced the thermostat, pilot assembly and the old gas valves so now it functions like a modern stove.

This is a drawing I did for the bracket for the new gas valve. I reused the 7/16 piping so I needed a lot of adapters!

My earlier idea was just to send AC thru a switch on each burner valve to the igniter module but then I saw these nifty flame sensors and they provide a much higher degree of safety!

You can see that it took a lot of fabrication and fittings to reuse the original pipes. They are obsolete but they've worked for over 60 years!

shows how the oven circuit works

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