Wheel RIm Wood Stove

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by: Bongo Raggles on 02/17/2015 Views 4414



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Youll need a couple of wheel rims, some offcuts of box section, a length of rebar and a couple of nails.
If youre woried about hot ash and coals falling out the bottom then fit in a liner, i used a old propane tank that i cut the base off.
Clean up the rims using a wire wool brush or grinder.
Optional Cut the base off a propane tank and insert in a rim, tack it in.
Weld one rim to the other.
Cut out a square approximately 5 inches or 125mm on each side.
Cut 2 lengths of box section 8inch and two pieces 16inch.
Drill two holes in the smaller pieces and weld to the rims.
Drill 3 holes in the longer pieces, drill a 4th hole at the top and open up with the grinder.
Cut the rebar to size, weld on a simple handle and the two nails.

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