Wood Floor Renovation


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our carpet was only two years old but with 5 kids and 2 animals it just wasnt holding up , so we pulled back the carpet to reveal hardwood that was in good condtion just really dirty and needed redone, so we rented a sander and sanded away. after we got floors cleaned and smooth we filled in any spots needed with a stainable filler,then walked the floor to check for squeeks and counter sunk the screws and filled with filler then i aged the floors with three different stains to achieve a worn old world look. total project took three days and we applied 4 coats of poly.


Screws Drill Wood filler Floor sander (rented) Palm sander Shop vac or broom and dustpan Stain (your choice) Shop towels or rags Polyurathane Sponger mop or roller (to apply poly) Gloves

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