Wooden clothing rack with shoe bench

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by: tenzeronine on 07/12/2013 Views 6864



Tools & Materials

  • 68 foot pieces of 1x3 pine
  • 48 foot pieces of 1x4
  • 11inch by 8 foot dowel
  • 4nuts
  • 4bolts
  • 8washers
  • Inch and a quarter screws


Ive seen so many amazing DIY clothes racks through my searches on different blogs and pinterest. and have been wanting to make one for some time now. I wanted to build one that was inexpensive and fit with my modern yet rustic style. I took some inspiration from a few different designs and decided to put together my own design based off a bunch of DIY's I've seen. The build only took about an hour and it was so easy to make. I couldn't be happier with the results!

To check out the full blog post and see how you can make one yourself, go to http://tenzeronine.blogspot.ca/

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