Work Bench

5 tools

Built this work bench to put in by garage instead of buying one. Overall took about no more than 6 hours from start to finish. Very cheap and easy to make. Only requires on person but two makes the process much smoother.


Circular saw 4x8ft plywood 6 pieces of 2x4x54inch wood 3 inch wood screws 3 and a half inch wood screws

Step 1

Start of by cutting six 2X4s in whatever height you want your work bench to be. For my project, I chose 54 inches. Using a circular saw is best but is the not the only way to cut the wood to the desired length.

Step 2

When done cutting all six, place two together and screw in wood screws. Two screws, one on each side going opposite directions, on both ends of wooden legs. Repeat unit you have three

Step 3

I used 3-1/2" philips head wood screws.

Step 4

Next, screw in the three legs to the long side of the 8ftX4ft plywood. The plywood will serve as the surface of the work bench. Make sure plywood is strong enough to put heavy materials and weighted objects on.

Step 5

The secure the legs to the plywood, I put four screws in the top of the plywood vertically into the legs. I repeated this two other times. One other addition to the table I made was 2x4" walls. I was able to do this to the back and both sides.

Step 6

To support the back of the table, I screwed extra to the wall I was putting the table against. I used a stud finder and find solid places to put the wood on and be able to support the table itself.

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