Work Shed


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Old rusted metal 16 x 21 storage building apx 20 yrs old.Goal: Repair rusted out basically unused storage barn for low cost, convert it to a usable work shop, and get another 10 years of use out of it. Cut out panels that were rusted thru and moved best panels around to consolidate the bad spots. Purchased 2 new panels to replace bad ones. Scrubbed rust with wire brush.Caulked all joints and screw holes.Patched rusted out roof edges along the overhang with aluminum flashing. Installed new ridgecap.Painted with rust stopping/preventive paint.Cut high window in back end of building to promote cross thru ventilation and built overhang to prevent incoming rain over window. Built overhang on front of building to allow roll up door to remain open when working inside when raining. Wired for electricity and installed 3 shop lights purchased from local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $5 each. Built work benches and storage shelves from wood pallets collected free from local business. Installed salvaged pegboard above work benches. Repaired old salvaged squirrel cage fan (from old furnace) and installed for ventilation. The Project was VERY labor intensive, but low cost. Apx $400 vs over $5000 for a new building.

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